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We're Dallas Luxe Homes - the premiere luxury real estate brokerage in the Southlake area. We’re looking for a top-performing realtor, or someone with great, untapped potential, to join our team.


For the right person, who joins our team, we know it’s possible to earn $250k this year.


But, please don’t even apply unless you are an overachiever and can prove it.


If you are, then…

We can remove everything

that’s currently stopping you from


in real estate...


In our experience, even top-performing realtors don’t make all the money they could, and don’t enjoy all the success they could, because they’re “required” to do a lot of unnecessary stuff.


Here’s what’s different about us:


  1. You’ll make more money with us, more consistently, than you will on your own, or with any other real estate company. It’s a bold statement for sure… but the rest of the items in this list will demonstrate that we have carefully designed our company to accomplish one thing - help you make more money as a real estate agent, and make it more consistently. Read on to learn more...

  2. NO MORE COLD CALLING. Our full-time Inside Sales Associates (ISAs) spend their entire day cold-calling for you. But our ISAs don’t just pass the leads to you cold - they continue to follow up and work the leads until they’re nice and warm (within 120 days of buying a new property), and then they hand these leads over to you, so you can start showing them homes. Imagine NEVER having to make another cold call... ever again... and ALWAYS having as many warm leads as you can handle.

  3. Build your own business - FOR REAL. Most real estate companies say, “Come build your business with us!” What they really mean is: come be an independent contractor and help us grow our business by doing all the work yourself. Our program is designed to groom you to open your own real estate office, with an entire team of your own, with our established brand name... but you run the whole thing, you get to grow it as large as you want, and you get to keep a BIG percentage of the profits.

  4. NO MORE website, SEO, blogging, creating content. At other real estate companies, you’re required to have a website, blogs, content, social media - and they make you do all of it yourself! We think your time is better spent showing homes and closing deals, so we build a website just for you, and we take care of all the SEO, and we take care of writing the blogs... creating all the content... and doing all the social media, for you.

  5. NO MORE paperwork, NO MORE admin work, NO MORE transaction management. We have plenty of admin people to do all your paperwork and admin work for you, so you can focus on showing homes and closing deals. We also have experienced full-time Transaction Managers who handle every close for you.

  6. The ONLY THING we want you to do is show homes and close deals. We take away everything else so you can spend all your time doing what you’re the best at.

  7. Accountability. Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” We provide coaching, accountability and tracking of goals, so you, and we, can make sure you hit your targets.

  8. Access to attorneys. We have real estate attorneys on staff that you can reach 7 days a week to get answers, advice, and even language for contracts.

  9. Training and coaching from veteran real estate agents. We have weekly and daily training and coaching meetings, all of which you can attend, if you choose. Our owners have more than 35 years of real estate experience between them, and will be available to you almost 24/7 for any questions and coaching you need.

  10. (And lots more…) 

As you can see, we’re

dedicated to your success.


But, we expect a lot in return.

If you’re a top-performer, or you have BIG, untapped potential, and you can prove it, fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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