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With an ever-growing business industry and public offerings, the Dallas/Fort Worth area is among the most culturally exciting destinations in the great State of Texas. Positioned along the eastern portion of Texas, this region encompasses the beauty of this region and the excitement of a bustling metropolitan area. When compared to the larger cities of America, Dallas offers a unique urban landscape that perfectly highlights the rural nature of this geographic region while simultaneously fostering a desire of change and progress. Evidence of such climates is 

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clear in the hundreds of neighborhoods and regions sprinkled throughout the area, such as the top-rated Southlake community.Whether you're looking for a rustic environment or a bustling suburban retreat, the developed communities surrounding Dallas are bound to intrigue and invigorate. 


Dallas Metroplex– A Destination for the Upwardly Motivated

The communities within the Dallas region dramatically range in offerings and design. However, as a whole this intriguing part of the world delivers the best of both worlds. You're never too far from a countryside setting or the hustle-and-bustle of city life. Connected by a series of roadway systems, such as I-20, I-35 and multiple state highways, traveling around the region is simple and attractive. In true Texas fashion, the urban landscape of this region is painted of concentrated downtown areas and immense suburban neighborhoods, such as the beautiful community of Keller, Texas, which has been rated one of the Top 50 places to live in the United States. 

The expansion of this city speaks directly about its health as a business center. In fact, Dallas is quickly becoming one of the top IT destinations throughout America; with a 95 percent greater concentration of IT and mathematician professionals than any other major city. Unlike many major cities within the United States, Dallas features an even mix of blue and white collar professionals. This combination is evident when employment data is compared. 

Dallas Real Estate – Buy With Confidence 

As a whole, Dallas real estate is expected to increase by 5.1 percent over the next year. According to local real estate experts, this gradual increase is not expected to dwindle anytime soon. Perhaps it's the stable and healthy real estate industry, or the beautifully designed master planned communities, but thousands of former renters are transforming into satisfied homeowners. 

The average sales price of residential properties in Dallas varies based upon the community. For example, Colleyville, located in northeast Tarrant County and named one of the top 100 communities by Money magazine, features an average home listing price of $235,000 to over $1.4 million for modern, custom built residences. However, the equally beautiful Flower Mound community features a lower price range from $157,000 to $900,000. In general, there are neighborhoods within practically any community that fit your budget and location. 

Beauty Beyond Appearances – Dallas School Districts

It's been said the true beauty of a city is not its design, but in the quality of their educational system. A bustling community means little if the upcoming generation lacks necessary skills and talent to continue the area's progression. Thankfully, the Dallas region features some of the highest rated school systems within the United States. There are a total of 53 independent school districts serving the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Out of the 53 school districts, 32 districts feature campuses in the 90th percentile in terms of education quality and student achievements. The highest-rated school districts include: 

  • Carroll Independent School District - 97.8 out of 100 (Student Achievement Index)
  • Lovejoy Independent School District - 97.3 out of 100
  • Highland Park Independent School District - 96.8 out of 100
  • Frisco Independent School District - 94.1 out of 100
  • Allen Independent School District - 93.3 out of 100
  • Argyle Independent School District - 93.2 out of 100

In terms of higher educational opportunities, Dallas offers a range of public and private institutions. There are over 30 universities and community colleges sprinkled throughout the immediate region. Some of the largest higher learning institutions include: 

  • University of Texas at Dallas
  • University of Dallas
  • Texas Christian University
  • Texas A&M University – Commerce
  • Texas Woman's University

Cost of Living in Dallas Communities – Annual Property Taxes

Many who relocate to the Dallas metro area are concerned about the property tax rates. In some instances, property taxes within this region are higher than the national average. However, there is a solid reason – residents of Texas never pay state or local income tax. This being noted, Texas was recently ranked as 45th in terms of the cheapest property taxes within America. When combined, the city, school and county property taxes range from 1.97 percent (Double Oak, TX) to 2.99 percent (Burleson, TX). When all communities are accounted for, the average property tax rate is just under 2.5 percent of your assessed property value.

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Finding your ideal community and home is no easy feat – especially in Dallas. Stop wasting hours of your time scouring online real estate forums and MLS databases, and turn to the professionals who are passionate about this area. In a fraction of the time, the team at Dallas Luxe Homes will assess your needs, ideal location and home specifics. With this information, they'll happily be your guide throughout the quest of buying or selling a home.


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